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In these economic times each and every penny counts… so to assist you with your building needs — THE STEEL BUILDER has put together some complete “Red Iron” building packages of the most popular and affordably sized steel buildings at the prices shown below.

Each of these buildings meet the CBC 2022 requirements… and include: delivery to the Sacramento and San Joaquin California Valleys and come complete with three (3) sets of engineered final drawings and two (2) sets of calculations — signed and sealed by a California engineer.

30’x40’x12′ eave; 1:12 pitch roof; 10’x10′ commercial rollup door; 3′ walk door—$21,005.00 / $17.504 PSF  see Notes

30’x50’x14′ eave; 1:12 pitch roof; 10’x12′ commercial rollup door; 3′ walk door—$24,729.00 / $16.4860 PSF  * see Notes

40’x40’x14′ eave; 1:12 pitch roof; 10’x10′ commercial rollup door; 3′ walk door—$26,064.00 / $16.2900 PSF  * see Notes

40’x60’x16’ eave; 1:12 pitch roof; 12’x14’ commercial rollup door; 3’ walk door—$33,471.00 / $13.946 PSF  * see Notes

50’x60’x16’ eave; 1:12 pitch roof; 12’x14’ commercial rollup door; 3’ walk door—$39,725.00 / $13.241 PSF  * see Notes

50’x80’x16’ eave; 1:12 pitch roof; 12’x14’ commercial rollup door; 3’ walk door—$46,687.00 / $11.671 PSF  * see Notes

50’x100’x16’ eave; 1:12 pitch roof; 2 – 12’x14’ commercial rollup doors; 3’ walk door—$56,374.00 / $11.274 PSF  * see Notes

60’x100’x16’ eave; 1:12 pitch roof; 2 – 12’x14’ commercial rollup doors; 3’ walk doors—$62,451.00 / $10.408 PSF * see Notes

  • If you do not see the steel building size you need… please call us and we’ll be pleased to provide you with a special price—on a steel building that will exactly meet your needs.  We also provide steel buildings for other States, and they meet the requirements of IBC 2012, 2015 and 2018, depending upon which version your State has currently adopted.

A variety of optional accessories, e.g. skylights, insulation, windows, gutters and downspouts, ridge vents, etc., are available and may be added for an affordable price. Please call us today for any additional options you may require to complete your personal building package.

Call (530) 588-1176 or contact us for other building sizes that are available for delivery in approximately in 10 to 12 weeks.

STEEL COSTS UPDATE:  February 1, 2023

The building prices shown above are Current.

While we strive to keep our pricing current, there may be occasions when we’re not able to update our Craigslist postings as steel market prices occur. Please see our website for the most current pricing. They are shown on our “Specials” page. Currently, we are only able to quote steel buildings for fifteen (15) days. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


  • These “Red Iron” buildings, as priced, are not rated for snow loads, high wind and seismic loads and do not include the concrete foundation or erection.
  • The prices include shipping to the Northern and Central California Valleys and can be adjusted for your location or state.
  • Because sales tax varies throughout the State(s), your local sales tax must be applied and will be added to your purchase price.
  • These buildings are structurally designed for seismic zone “D”.
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